Covid19 Details

Can we ask that any customer that has either had their booking cancelled due to Covid 19 or those that have cancelled their booking and looking for alternative dates for next year…..

Please try and find alternative dates ASAP so you don’t lose a preferred date as new bookings are coming in thick and fast.


As you can appreciate we have lots and lots of customers that have booked with us this year and those who have bookings in July and August 2020 I will be emailing you with the below over the next couple of days!

As it currently stands bookings should hopefully commence from July 4th…..


To make it clear this is how we are working 👍🏻

Customers are still making new bookings with us for later this year but on the understanding that your deposit to secure the booking is NON REFUNDABLE, we will play it week by week with regards to paying your remaining balance If lockdown continues.

Remaining balances are usually due 6 weeks before collection, however we are proposing that if you the customer along with us at 4eva Young are satisfied that lockdown will be relaxed and travel will be allowed again we will both agree for you to pay at that point.

However should it have a dramatic affect on your booking in terms of complications with campsites etc then we are encouraging you to move your booking to next year.


I Hope that helps any customers worrying about their upcoming adventure. Moving bookings really helps support our small business at these worrying times.

Thanks Paul and Jilly